Application deadline is May 26, 2019 at 11:59PM PST.

Safe Client Handling Peer Facilitator Training

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A letter of organizational support must be received by SafeCare BC within 72 hours of submitting your application. You may find a printable PDF template here.

Course Details

Did You Know?

Musculoskeletal injuries are the leading type of injury in the Home Care and Community Health Support sector.


Safe Client Handling Peer Facilitator Training (SCH) is a two-day, in-person workshop that includes both classroom and simulation components. The course includes a pre-course review, in-class learning, simulation exercises, and three quizzes to communicate course content and evaluate participants’ understanding of course concepts. SCH seeks to provide comprehensive training on safe handling best-practices and coaching principles. SCH is delivered on a pass/fail basis with a certification given following successful completion of the course.

Benefits of the Training:

By investing in training a member of your organization, you will have the advantage of being able to:

  • Conduct in-house training without having to pay for external trainers
  • Create training programs that are customized to your organizational needs
  • Develop a robust training program for new and existing employees
  • Implement a comprehensive strategy for preventing MSI-related injuries
  • Reduce the impact of MSI-related injuries including costs associated with injury, re-training, and employee shortages

Intended Audience:

Participants must meet the following criteria to be admitted into this program:

1. Familiarity with musculoskeletal injury prevention theory, safe handling techniques and tools/equipment that enable the application of safe handling in practice

2. The ability to effectively train others in the above

3. The desire and opportunity to provide ongoing support to peers once they are trained and provide in-the-moment education where needed

4. Advocate for workplace health and safety and support best practices to reduce workplace injuries


$100 – SafeCare BC members

$200 – Non-SafeCare BC Members (please contact to register)


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Application deadline is May 26, 2019 at 11:59PM PST.

Safe Client Handling Peer Facilitator Training: June 10-11, 2019

  • June 10 - 11, 2019
  • 1424-4710 Kingsway
    Burnaby, British Columbia
    V5H 4M2